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Robot programming materials "toio" for kindergarteners and elementary school students

Touch it, and you can do it.
Small Intelligent cube for small hands with intelligence.


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Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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What's "toio"?

The Ideal learning tool for coding beginners

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For ages 5+

only 32 mm -tiny robot is packed with cutting-edge technology born from Sony's research and development.

Package List

A ready-to-use set can support teachers even first-time to teach programming teachers you to start your classes today.

toio Starter Set

toio Starter Set

  • 1) toio Core Cube (2sets)
  • 2) Charger for toio Core Cube (1set)
  • 3) Bricks set (1set)
  • 4) toio sheet - Basic (1set)
toio Starter Set

toio Expansion Set

  • 1) toio sheet (2sets) -toio sheet - SPACE (1set)
    -toio sheet - OCEAN (1set)

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Lesson Plans (Curriculum)

With+20 hours of curriculum, you can use toio for classes easily.

Starter For ages 5+
LevelProgramContentsDuration(min.)Key learning
Starter*Use 1 Toio per person.
1Programming Basic 1Make a Toio go straight, change its direction, and move it to the goal. Change the start and goal positions, place obstacles on the way, and take on various challenges.80Sequential processing, event
See the sample
2Programming Basic 2Repeat the same movement.
Go back and forth to the same spot, or repeatedly carry items from the start to the goal.
80Loop processing, Move by specifying the cell
3Programming Basic 3Understand basic toio programming.80Review of basic programming
4Obstacle RaceAim to reach the goal as quickly as possible!
Move from the start to the goal. Dodge obstacles and pass through checkpoints in the set order while following the rules.
80Practice of programming basics
5Pair work 1Two people work together to program the two Toios to work together.80AND conditions, Know your location
6Pair work 2Two people will work together to challenge a mission with two Toios.80Conditional branch processing
Expansion For ages 6+
LevelProgramContentsDuration(min.)Key learning
Expansion*Use 1 Toio per person.
1Two Toios 1Understand how to run two Toios together.90Program using two Toios
2Two Toios 2ROperate two Toios in synchrony. Have the first Toio chase the second one, or relay between two Toios.90Program using two Toios
3Two Toios 3Two toios are moved in tandem; they run away from each other so that the Toios are not next to each other, or they move to a place where there are no Toios.90Conditional branch processing
4Autonomous DrivingCreate a program for autonomous driving of Toio cars. Make a program that prevents the cars from colliding with each other, stops upon finding obstacles, and drives safely.100Program using two Toios
See the sample
5ShipNavigate the sea with a Toio ship. Move to the destination and transport cargo.120Case-based practice
6Mission: Protect the OceanTake on missions to collect marine debris and help stranded whales.120Case-based practice
See the sample
7Mission: Protect the spaceTake on a mission to collect space debris.90Case-based practice

Language: English, Japanese.
Multilingualization requests are available upon request.

Case studies

In Japan, it has been introduced in many educational institutions such as elementary schools and cram schools.

Case studies image
  • Case:

Hitoyoshi City,
Kumamoto Prefecture

All elementary schools in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, offer classes using toio for first to sixth graders. The programs they create run immediately and can be seen and verified with their eyes, so even first-time programmers can enjoy learning programming. The cute appearance of toio™ also helps to keep children interested and engaged in learning.

system requirements

  • PC
    • Windows 10 64bit version 1709 or higher and Bluetooth® 4.0 compatible
    • Mac OS 10.13 or later and Bluetooth® 4.0 compatible Mac
  • Browser
    • Chrome (ver 63 or later), Firefox (ver 57 or later), Safari (ver 11 or later) or Edge (ver 15 or later)
  • Scratch Link
    • Windows10: Version1.3.67.0
    • Mac: Version1.3.67
  • Internet connection environment
    • A non-proxy connection is required
  • Tablet
    • Please use the app for tablets.
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    • Compatible with iPadOS 13 or later and Android 9 or later Chromebooks.
    • Please see the requirements for each application for details.


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