Company Outline

Name of company

Afrel Co.,Ltd.

Head Office /
Customer Center

3-111 Toiya-cho, Fukui city, Fukui

zip 918-8231

TEL.+81.25.0303 FAX.+81.25.0309

[Customer Center OPEN] AM9:30-PM5:30 (on Monday to Friday) MAP

Tokyo Branch

Nihonbashi-kayabacho Place Building 7F

1-7-9 Nihonbashi-kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, zip 103-0014

TEL.+81.3.6661.9251 FAX.+81.3.3249.3741 MAP

Osaka Branch

NLC ShinOsaka Building No.17-701

3-7-8 NishiNakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, zip 532-0011

TEL.+81.6.4805.8788 FAX.+81.6.4805.8789 MAP


February 22, 2006

President and representative officer KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide
Executive vice-president
YAMAGUCHI, Toshiharu
MINAMI, Kazuhiro (President of Minami Kazuhiko’s tax accountant office)
Technical Advisor
FUTAGAMI, Takao (TOYO Corporation)
Correspondent Bank

Fukuichuo branch of Fukui Bank

Nihonbashi branch of Mizuho Bank

Description of Business

  • For engineers
    • Engineers’ training services
    • Engineering human resources development assistance
  • For educational institutions
    • Development and sales of practical teaching materials
  • For studying at home
    • Development and sales of educational material with robots
  • Managements of robot contests and robot class
  • An official partner of LEGO Education
  • An official partner of "NI LabVIEW for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® ” from National Instruments Japan Corporation
  • An official partner of PITSCO
  • An official partner of Dataport Systems (HiTechnic)
  • An official partner of Shenzhen YueJiang Technology Co.,Ltd
  • <Member organizations>
  • TOPPERS Project
  • Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
  • The Fukui Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Main products and Services

Products related to LEGO Education

Technological educations and trainings with robots, and deveolpment and sales of educational materials (curriculums, textbooks)

  • Trainings for engineers
    • echnological trainings for new employees
      • experiment of system development "UML-ROBOLAB ”
      • practice of embedded system development "UML-C ”
      • practice of object oriented software development "UML-Java”, etc.
    • technological trainings for mid-level employees
    • technological trainings for prospective employees
    • Supports for training engineers
      • consulting training plans for software engineers
    • Managements of robot contests
      • ET ROBOCON, WRO Japan, etc.
    • Managements of robot classes
      • Development of human resources as CSR activities in business enterprise and NPOs.
  • For educational institutions
    • For universities and technical colleges
      • educational materials for system development, "STAR series”
    • For high schools
      • Educational materials for information and technology, programing and controlsRobot and Information Technology "REAL series”
      • Basis of the NXT programming
      • "the NXT- ROBOLAB”, "the NXT-C”, "the NXT-Java”
    • For junior high schools
      • educational materials for measurement and control by programing "WARP series”
        ※ Based on the the Education, Science and Technology Ministry’s curriculum guideline
  • For Home schooling, After school

    robot academy,after school,tutoring school for programing

  • For Home schooling

    DESK-ROBO series

    • a learning support web site, "Robojoy Club”

Main customers

  • Companies
    • IT companies (information and communications, system integrators, software houses, Software development company for finance and insurance industry.)
    • Manufactures (electrical and electronics, automakers, aerospace, OA optical instruments, FA, robot, medical equipment, food etc)
    • educational service companies
  • Educational institutions
    • universities, technical colleges, high schools, junior high schools
    • Boards of the education, education centers, teaching laboratories, vocational school
    • Science Museums, technological educational organizations such as NPOs
    • distributors for educational institutions
  • Municipalities
    • local software centers, public laboratories, industrial support centers
    • Sales companies of robots


  • fukuimap

    Head Office / Customer Center

    3-111 Toiya-cho, Fukui city, Fukui

  • tokyomap

    Tokyo Branch

    Nihonbashi-kayabacho Place Building 7F
    1-7-9 Nihonbashi-kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

  • osakamap

    Osaka Sales Branch

    NLC ShinOsaka Building No.17-302
    3-7-8 NishiNakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka